My comments to Emetrics London 2007

I attended Emetrics in London last week (..and just returned to the office) – and must say that this was definitely worthwhile. I think the biggest take-away from this show was the presentation by Vincent Kermorgant from Nokia, titled: “Implementing Web Analytics the Nokia way”.

What I liked about this presentation, was that it did not focus on the web analytics tool at all, it focussed entirely on the process of deploying and maintaining web analytics within a larger corporation. BUT there are a lot of good ideas that can be used at any level. Find Vincent’s whitepaper here: Implementing Web Analytics the Nokia Way: a Customer’s Methodology (PDF). If you do not have the time to read it, you will still be a lot wiser, just skimming the above picture. It is really good to see that focus turned towards processes and FAR away from features.

Friends and Contacts from the show:
As always; VERY nice meeting you Avinash – sorry for not being able to make it to the Dinner. I was happy to get the opportunity to meet up with the smart people from ox2 (Rene Dechamps and Siegert Dierickx) and I will see you guys (.. and Aurélie) again in San Francisco shortly. Jesper Lindhardt, congrats on the NEW Omniture business cards :-)… And Simon Gibbard shifted to VisualSciences, good to see you and congrats on your new business cards as well.. Sorry for bashing “you” on Price on the vendor panel. He he. Greg Kelton, Congrats on the GM role for Optimost!!

Finally… for those of you attending the US event – see you at Emetrics San Francisco in May.

  • René Dechamps Otamendi

    Hi Dennis,

    I was also very pleased in meeting you at the Emetrics. I’m glad you share the view that the process is more important than the tool. I’m sure Eric is just smiling while reading your post ;-)

    CU in SF :-)
    Take care,


  • Lars

    Someone has a very ambitious travel schedule. ;-)

    There were many excellent presenters at Emetrics London: Jim, Avinash, Neil etc.

    Analysis is science, presenting is art.

    Most people can present but very few are brilliant at it. I envy them. :-)

  • Avinash Kaushik

    Dennis: You were fantastic at the Vendor panel, and made it a thoroughly fun experience. I very much look forward to your perspectives on the panel at SFO.

    See you in a few weeks.


  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    >>I’m glad you share the view that the process is more important than the tool

    It was hard!.. and I am one inch away from psychotherapy :-)
    seriously, I think people and processes is where you should invest!

    >>has a very ambitious travel schedule. ;-)

    I am probably the only one, besides Jim and Mathew who will visit ALL 4 Emetrics shows this year. I am waiting for that Medal Jim?? :-)

    >> I very much look forward to your perspectives on the panel at SFO.

    I suggested to Matthew that they changed the format to a regular “Vendor Shoot-out” – getting 8 vendors ready to demonstrate LIVE any question asked. No bullshit – e.g. SHOW ME HOW YOU DO A FILTER with multiple operators! Some will fail because of the tool, some will fail because of their skill set and some will shine as there it little marketing bluff to add when doing it live!