10 Cool things you can do with Web Analytics

I had the pleasure of being invited to sit down with Eric Enge from StoneTemple, as part of their 2007 Web Analytics shoot out, talking about 10 cool things you could do with the IndexTools Analytics tool package. As I understand it, he will do a couple of other articles in this “series” – so that you get to hear about NetInsight, HBX and Clicktracks as well. But here are the two articles Eric have done so far:

…And staying on the fun subject, Adam from Mashable had an entertaining article this Monday about: 50+ Ways to Track Website Traffic – that you should scroll through just for the fun of it. Even though I personally do not think that there is no more than some 10ish Web Analytics Vendors out there – and 5 of them are listed above :-)

  • Patrick Ludolph

    I would love to see the path explorer for Mac as next cool thing :-) Please, Dennis!!!

  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hi Patrick,

    I know how absolutely annoying it is – not having access to the wanted tools on ones platform. However it is difficult to justify from a cost point of view, as the tool itself is not for the mass consumer market – and being an enterprise analysis platform, the biggest cost for clients are subscription, but mostly the people they employ to do the analysis. So it does not really cost anything “extra” for an enterprise to demand that analysts use Windows.

    But I feel for you and I will add this to my mental lobby list :-)


    for the fun of it; OS distribution on my blog.

    85.18% Windows
    11.22% Macintosh
    02.52% Linux
    00.03% Unix
    01.03% Unknown

    How is yours?

  • Patrick Ludolph

    Hi Dennis,

    you know I’m just kidding. But I really love this litte black thing with the glowing apple on the lid :-)

    On my private blog I have 15% Mac-Users. The Webanalytics-Blog has only 8%.