Web Reporting vs. Web Analysis

I believe very strongly that one have to understand that reporting on any metric at pure face value within a very limited context is unsound and should not be confused with actionable insight from analysis! – To wrap up that statement I tend to conclude that:

  • Reporting is produced by tools
  • Analysis is done by people
  • Processes are deployed by organisations

Which leads us to following daring fact:

The right tools +
The right people +
The right processes +
= Data Driven Organisation

Watch my presentation on the matter and find out (or at least watch my take on it) how you tell the difference between reporting and analysis.

Download the PDF here: IndexTools-Dennis-Reporting-vs-Analytics.pdf
OR ask me to do a presentation on the subject for your organisation. :-)

The conclusion is worth repeating – analysis is all about:

  • Developing KPI’s
  • Creating Insight
  • Taking action

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