18 most popular Web Analytics blog posts of 2007

The 3 most popular blog posts from the 6 most influential Web Analytics bloggers around – All in all the 18 most popular Web Analytics post of 2007!

I am jam-packed on Muffins, Marzipan and Scandinavian Glogg. Nonetheless, I managed to stumble into the living room – in my new Santa underwear – Barely able to turn on my Laptop, I decided to do my general 2007 Web Analytics status using Avinash’s Top Ten Web Analytics Blogs: July 2007 as a foundation (Since most of them happen to be friends of mine anyway) and ask them to provide me with their 3 most popular posts of the year. Find the result below; which is simply a minimum MUST READ list – if you are working in the Web Analytics industry.

Occam’s Razor
by Avinash Kaushik

  1. I Got No Ecommerce. How Do I Measure Success?
  2. Rethink Web Analytics: Introducing Web Analytics 2.0
  3. Excellent Analytics Tip #10: How Thick is Your Head and How Long is Your Tail?

Web Analytics Demystified
by Eric T. Peterson

  1. Damn you Steve Jobs, damn you, damn you, damn you
  2. EXCLUSIVE Microsoft Gatineau presentation and screen shots
  3. Is Google Analytics the Killer App? No.

Visual Revenue
by Dennis R. Mortensen

  1. What and how to measure Social Networking websites
  2. The Long Tail … and how to calculate missing Revenue
  3. Tracking RSS subscribers via the IMG tag – a quick Web Analytics HACK

Web Analytics World
by Manoj Jasra

  1. Ultimate Web Analytics Comparison Resources
  2. 21 Reasons Why You Do NOT Need Web Analytics
  3. Web Analytics Implementation: Items Overlooked

Increasing Your Website’s Conversion Rate
by Robbin Steif

  1. Criticize Google Analytics. Win Prizes
  2. How to Set Up the new GA Site Search
  3. Answers to your Top 10 Google Analytics Questions

Web Metrics Guru
by Marshall Sponder

  1. Cloverfield Trailer – JJ Abrams Buzz – Cloverfield Movie, updated (talks about tracking Viral Marketing using Web Analytics)
  2. 1 18 08 Online and Google Analytics traffic stats on Cloverfield Movie Trailer
  3. Locational Buzz using Google HotTrends – Donda West’s passing

My intensions was actually to include the following blogs and their most popular posts into the list as well:


By Bryan Eisenberg and co.

  1. Web Marketing and Analytics: Process, Talent & Tools
  2. Measuring Visitor Engagement: Tools + Tips
  3. Web Analytics is Like Eating an Artichoke…
    (Update: added top 3 on 31st December)

WebAnalytics.be Blog
by Aurelie Pols and co.

  1. Interactive Agencies and Web Analytics
  2. Google Analytics, Microsoft Gatineau & OX2’s Web Analytics Code of Ethics
  3. Web Analytics Day Brussels: a European shock therapy in Web Analytics
    (Update: added top 3 on 31st December)

Analytics Talk
by Justin Cutroni

Lies, Damned Lies…
by Ian Thomas

  1. Microsoft ‘Gatineau’ sneak peek
  2. The rumors are true: Microsoft ‘Gatineau’ exists
  3. It’s here
    (Update: added top 3 on 6th January)

Advanced Web Metrics
by Brian Clifton

But I did not get a reply before posting this (it is Christmas). So Ian, Justin, Brian, Bryan and Aurelie – do send me your top 3 – and I will append it to the post.

Cheers.. and Happy New Year
Dennis :-)