IndexTools (Yahoo!) Web Analytics goes FREE!

Hi there, a bit of news for you who follow the Yahoo! IndexTools integration steps. But first, THANK YOU very much for all the positive feedback I received in blog comments, separate blog posts, emails, phone calls etc. I truly appreciate that.

Yahoo! currently intends to provide the IndexTools Web Analytics service FREE of charge to clients and partners who accept the standard Yahoo! agreement.

Today we will communicate that we’ll require our partners and clients to accept a new standard Yahoo! agreement and that Yahoo! (we) currently intends to provide the service FREE of charge to clients and partners who accept the Yahoo! Agreement. It is however important to note that our clients and partners must accept this agreement to continue using the service.

I think this is a fair tradeoff for an Enterprise class Web Analytics system?

Further to this, it should be noted that Yahoo! (I should probably teach myself to say – we – at some point) does not intend to add any new partnerships or direct clients in the short to midterm, while we prepare for the next rollout wave. This means that our current partners and clients will be in a unique position to either provide a service or use a service to which the rest of the market will not have ready or immediate access.

Very exciting isn’t it? .. :-)

For those of you who know me or heard me evangelize IndexTools as essentially 80% of the functionality of Omniture for a fraction of the cost – have to get used to the NEW NEW; 80% of the functionality of Omniture for FREE! ;-) he he…

Dennis R. Mortensen

  • Lars

    Cool. It will be interesting to hear whether Rubix and Bid Management will be free as well.

  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Yes. Much more about IndexTools Bid Management 2 and the upcoming IndexTools Rubix Beta.

    Cheers and very cool indeed! :-)

  • Alex

    Hey Dennis,

    It was only a matter of time, but this is huge news.

    I guess the analytics arms race is on!

    What, no free copies for bloggers? Buzz, man :-)


  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hi Alex,

    Gentlemen, Start your engines! :-)

    >>What, no free copies for bloggers? Buzz, man :-)

    He he… As far as I remember (and that my outbox proves) I provided you guys over at Search Marketing Gurus with a free Enterprise Marketing Account. Ping our friend Brian Cosgrove from Avenue A Razorfish, as I can see I had it sent to him.. and if you are not successful in that, en just ping me again.

    Cheers Alex.

  • Jordi

    “Further to this, it should be noted that Yahoo! (I should probably teach myself to say – we – at some point) does not intend to add any new partnerships or direct clients in the short to midterm, while we prepare for the next rollout wave.”

    Does that mean that those of us who were planning on using IndexTools in the short term will now have to wait?

    I am in the process of creating the analytics department in my company and IndexTools was one of the tools we were considering (currently on GA).

  • Vicky

    Congrats Dennis and this is all very exciting – who’ve though there was still tool drama to be had in a post GA world ;-)

    Look forward to getting stuck in

  • Search Engines WEB

    Index tools is one of the more remarkable client side tools

    Familiar with it since it debuted and have recommended it to dozens of Webmasters who have been quite please with the versatility

  • Mike Catalin

    Wow! I am beyond ecstatic. Bummed that I missed the window I was looking into IndexTools a few months ago. This by far is the most amazing news in WebAnalytics. I am so confident that Yahoo! will dominate – I cannot wait to start using this resource. Congratulations again and look forward to the public release.

    Mike C.

  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hi there SEWEB
    Thank you for the heads up and for the confidence over the years!
    Cheers Dennis

  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hi Vicky,

    Good to hear from you; and we are indeed setting up a stage show. I opt for being Prince Hamlet himself; Omniture can be Claudius then…
    Hmm.. perhaps not! :-)


  • Anonymous


    I am merchant with Yahoo Search marketing

    How can I get indextools free?

    Are they trying similar to google analytics

  • Anil Batra

    Very Cool Dennis. I called this out (that IndexTools will be free) in my blog when I first heard about Yahoo deal.

    Check it out at

    - Anil

  • Rich Page

    Figured it would turn free. Has anyone implemented this on their website? Would love to know how it compares to GA, especially in terms of data ‘discovorability’.

    Dennis – keep up the great work!

    Rich Page Ramblings – Analtyics & Reviews

  • Lars

    I’m using it. :)

  • Liam Clancy (metafeather)

    Isn’t it “80% of Omniture SiteCatalyst for free”?

    There are a bunch of other products from Omniture, including SearchCenter, Discover, Test&Target and 1:1 Behavioral Targeting and others from recent acquistions to pick from to support a business (inc. all of Visual Sciences neé WebSideStory), and of course the latest revision of SiteCatalyst (April ’08) adds additional functionality in tracking video and rich media amongst many other industry defining improvements.

  • Brent

    I did find it interesting to see the blog response to the merger on Omnitures corp. site. In traditional PR fashion, it is nothing but praise for you and your products… letting an outside source do all the bad-mouthing… ohh well, business is business.

    Dennis – just sent you an email, so check your inbox, nothing critical, but think it makes for interesting conversation…


  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hi Anil,

    >>Very Cool Dennis. I called this out (that IndexTools will be free) in my blog when I first heard about Yahoo deal.
    Perhaps you are a clairvoyant? :-) he he..

    Hi Rich,

    >>Has anyone implemented this on their website?
    3000 IndexTools accounts; so yes :-)
    AND Lars… he he

    Hi Liam,

    >>Isn’t it “80% of Omniture SiteCatalyst for free”?
    Hmm. Somewhat. We include External Data Sources as a standard functionality (Genesis), We include our Data warehouse as a standard functionality (Data warehouse). Beside this we do have Bid Management 2 (Search Center), Rubix (Discover) – which of course is not debated yet.. So I think you are somewhat right. But then again.. :-)

    >>and of course the latest revision of SiteCatalyst (April ’08) adds additional functionality in tracking video and rich media amongst many other industry defining improvements.
    That’s pretty much standard in any tool – GA included. All that said; I think their test&target is pretty cool, visual site as well – so I am definitely not discounting them at all.

    Hi Anonymous

    >>How can I get indextools free?
    This first step is only for existing IndexTools Clients and Partners. So you unfortunately have to wait for further information on the matter. Sorry mate.

    >>Are they trying similar to google analytics
    Much more about this later.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Dennis, but I really don’t like your unsocial mentality.

    You hired a General Manager for you new office in Germany about six months ago, and now you fired him?!?

    Please don’t tell us that you wasn’t aware about Yahoo’s interest to suck in IndexTools at this time.

    If you a had a minimum of social competence, you’d never hired that poor guy who is forced to get a new job now.

    Honestly, this is not the way how to treat colleagues.

  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hi “Anonymous”, :-)

    I think I am somewhat social intelligent and I try my very best to treat people fairly. I can honestly say (probably way beyond my NDA’s) – that when setting up our operations in Germany, we were talking to an English company where the Germany operation would have been a very positive and integral part of the way forward.

    But our Country Manager in Germany is not just some random bloke, he is super smart and will have NO issues in finding a great Job again.


  • Dhirender

    This is great news. I look forward to implementing it.

  • Eric

    Hi dennis,

    I am an existing Indextools customer and one of the reasons I selected Indextools was the integration with SEM providers as yahoo and google.

    Do you think Google will still allow to use its data in a yahoo
    webanalytics package?

  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hi Eric,

    As it stands today, there is NO Yahoo API or Microsoft API access from Google Analytics. Vice versa on Microsoft AdCenter Analytics. So I am as excited as you, in figuring out the response from G and MS on our existing API agreements and whether they will be cancelled – I am assuming we keep the Y! one of course ;-)


  • Anonymous

    Will HBX or Omniture be able to extract data from Index Tools?

  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hi There, :-)

    Remember; we collect and store RAW un-aggregated data and any of that can be exported in various ways in various formats (Incl. the IndexTools Web Services API) – For then to be imported somewhere else. But that said, why would you move that into e.g. HBX. Would it not just be easier to collect it with HBX to begin with?


  • Anonymous

    Where can I find the standard Yahoo agreement that applies? I’d like to have a look to know whether I can leave IndexTools on my list of Omniture replacement possibilities

  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hi There,

    >>Where can I find the standard Yahoo agreement that applies? I’d like to have a look to know whether I can leave IndexTools on my list of Omniture replacement possibilities

    The agreement is not yet published and will go out to IndexTools existing clients and partner over the next weeks. I will make sure to publish information here on the blog once it goes out.


  • Paul OFlaherty

    Will be watching this closely. Looking forward to seeing how it compares to GA.

  • Matt S.

    Man, we JUST got IndexTools about 3 weeks ago and LOVE it! Fortunately for us, we’re going to get the backstage pass while they work out the “Free” version. Their people are VERY cool and we haven’t once wanted Google back. However, not every company may feel the same way.

  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hi Matt,

    >>Their people are VERY cool and..

    Thanks mate!! :-)

    Dennis (IndexTools)

  • Online Business

    That sounds awesome! It is really great.

  • Why


    Absolute rubbish. Google analytics is far superior and free. This is an absolute con. BEWARE.

  • Anonymous

    NEDSTAT’s SITESTAT is total rubbish. Google Analytics is far superior and free. This is a total con. BEWARE

  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hi Why, :-)

    See – I am not affiliated with either Nedstat or Google, but I think they are both very decent solutions. My Job is of course to advocate IndexTools a Yahoo! service, but it is essentially about finding the right tool for the right job..


  • Global Resorts Network

    Thanks for this post…
    I have a plan to start a home based business and was looking for information like this. It’s very

    Thank you once again…

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  • Vicky

    Hi Denis,

    Hope all goes well!

    I am about to do a tool switch with a client and would really like to wait for this if it it is going to get a wider release soon.

    Any prospect or am I looking at 6 months or more for new clients?



  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hi Vicky,

    Good to hear from you. You CAN actually set up IndexTools accounts through one of the some 200 partners worldwide – if you want to try switching tool today.

    Let me know if you need some help there!

    Cheers :-)

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  • Bhupendra

    Great news!! Will look forward to using it once it is out for public.

    I am so far well satisfied with GA, but something I would really like to see above it. I am specially interested in getting Web Log data.
    Would love to see if you provide area to add own feature (completely new). If this happen would like to build some applications for Yahoo Anlaytics based on my experience in Analytics for Non-Web Data.

    I am doing some research on integration of web and non-web data, and for this cause I am exploring piwik (as GA does not provide data). Let me know if you have something in this line.


  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hi Bhupendra

    Thank you for commenting.
    Pop by the Blog in a good months time and there will be more news about next steps my friend :-)


  • Clark

    Hi Dennis,
    Is there any limitation in the free Indextools?
    I’m using GA now.
    My site has a great number of pages(a online dictionary site) and in GA due to “fix-sized data base” issue only 50000 entries can be showed for each day, the others are all included in a entry named “other”, which really affect my analysis.

    Does the coming free indextools has similar issues?

    I do wanna migrate to it!

  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hey Clark,
    I know exactly what you are talking about. And I can positively say that Yahoo! Web Analytics (IndexTools) do not have the same issues! :-)

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  • Pippin

    WHY is everyone here so happy about this tracking product? I thought when I signed up with Yahoo that my privacy would be protected. I can see from this page that it is not and in fact NEVER has been. So I guess all of you people posting here must work for the type of companies that spy on your users….. NICE…. real nice.

  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    hmm. I think you might have confused who does what here Pippin. I honestly believe that Y! is on the forefront of user privacy today.. that is of course subjective. :-)

    go have a look at this post about Web Analytics Transparency, Notification, Choice and Control to Visitors:


  • Hannes

    Any news on when (estimated) people can sign up directly on ?

  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hey Hannes

    I’ll do a post soon on how we plan to provide access to the tool.


  • SEO Submission Services

    Which one is better to use? I’ve been using Google Analytics. Should I try Yahoo! Web analytics? I think I should give it a try.

  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    You are asking me?

    As an IndexTools guy and now after the the acquisition yahoo guy, I suggest you give it a try. :-)
    seriously though, I think it all depends on what your needs are; if you are already getting all the information you need from GA, I see no need to fiddle around with yet another solution.

    d. :-)

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  • Mark

    It will be nice to see this tool when it’s finally released…

  • iopipe


    I need a yahoo web analytics account, could you help me?

  • Webdesign Stuttgart

    Hopefully they are at least better then the one from google.. they kind of suck if u need more details… but sure, they are free to use ;)

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  • Ibn Saeed


    I can I sign up for Yahoo Analytics ?

    I used to have indextools free account when indextools was a seperate company. I have forgotten my login details and there is no way to recover the details.

  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hi Ibn,

    There’s multiple ways you can get an account, but in your situation, I suggest you go connect with one of the YWACN partners.

    d. :-)

  • aQvisit

    Yes, Yahoo tool is great, but there are not so many features if you compare it with Google Analytics. But still very good to use. Don’t be evil ;)

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