Yahoo! acquires web analytics company IndexTools

Over the past almost 4 years, I have been fortunate enough to be able to make a lifetime’s worth of announcements for IndexTools… Today however, is probably the most exciting of them all.

We (IndexTools) agreed to be acquired by Yahoo!. Wonderful news! :-)

A very big thank you to everybody who believed in us along the way, I honestly appreciate the trust and I am truly in debt (I will pay that back in free Red Bull’s when we meet up around the world)… and now it is obvious why we’ve looked a tad stressed lately.

I am personally VERY excited about our next steps and have positively agreed to stay onboard as the Director of Data Insights at Yahoo! – so there is no escaping me. My new function will very much be around driving and evangelizing the Analytics strategy for Y!, so envision a more commercial version of Avinash or a less British version of Ian or the nemesis of Omniture if you will… ha.

I will also keep blogging on this VisualRevenue blog (feed) and will return with more information on Analytics under Y! auspices as soon as the storm settles, but you are most welcome to leave me a comment, write me an email or give me a call if you want to chat.

AND finally – so that we all agree, this is definitely not a farewell, but an aggressive HELLO. However; the blue company colour is likely to change to purple though ;-)

Cheers …

Dennis R. Mortensen
“IndexTools” …

  • Eric


    Let me be the first to congratulate you and welcome you to the global stage. I can hardly think of a nicer guy or anyone more deserving of this success.

    I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you in San Francisco!


    Eric T. Peterson

  • Bryan Eisenberg

    Congratulations. It couldn’t have happened to a better group of people.

    Best of luck in your new role.


  • Bob Page

    Dennis, purple looks good on you! Welcome to Yahoo!

  • Lars

    Congratulations from your Strategic Alliance Partner in Norway, Dennis! Hope we can continue the good cooperaion!

  • Jeffrey Eisenberg


  • Tom Ball

    Wow – congratulations Dennis – amazing news ;o))


  • John Lovett

    Wow Dennis, this is BIG news! The acquisition is a testament to the quality of the IndexTools solution. Keep up the great work and we’ll be expecting big things from Yahoo!

    John Lovett

  • Lars

    Like I’ve already said — HUGE congrats!


  • Tony Fonager

    Congratulations from you old friends in Denmark – you guys really deserve it :-)


  • Anil

    Congratulatons Dennis!
    Here’s wishing you good luck for your new role! and looking foward to hear more via your blog.


  • Patrick

    Dennis, congratulations.
    That’s an amazing deal.
    Best luck for you the whole team.


  • Trinadh


    I am so happy for you and Indextools. Congratulations!!


  • Anonymous

    “…nemesis of Omniture”

    We’re quaking.



  • S.Hamel

    Dennis: congrats! Who tought the web analytics industry would remain calm for a while?!

  • Avinash Kaushik

    You owe me $50 for having guessed this would happen last year!! : )

    Congratulations Dennis, I am absolutely thrilled for you and the IndexTools team.

    Hopefully this means we get to see you a lot more in the Valley.


  • Jim Sterne

    Dennis – I was so depressed that you didn’t make it to the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summits in Toronto last week or Munich this week – We still miss you … but now I’m not depressed!

    This is wonderful news and Yahoo! is very lucky.

    Well done, my friend. Well done.

  • Marianne

    Dennis, Congratulations!!!

    So happy to get the BIG NEWS!
    It is indeed a great deal, and you guys deserve it.

    We’ll see you around the GLOBE.

    Best wishes, always.

  • Petri Mertanen

    Awesome news, big congratulations on behalf of whole Naviatech!

  • Andy Komack

    Congrats! We’re excited over here at KoMarketing. Our clients love your product (we do too), and it can only get better.

  • Matt Ellsworth

    Thats great news. Congrats again! I look forward to seeing more coverage about indextools.

  • Bryan Cristina

    Very cool and congrats.

    IndexTools is a very cool tool from everything I’ve ever seen of it, I just haven’t been too successful in getting clients to buy into it. With a name like Yahoo behind it, however, that may change.

  • Michael Whitaker

    Smart move, Yahoo! And congrats to Dennis and the IndexTools team.

    Dennis, will you be spending more time in Sunnyvale?


  • June Dershewitz

    Congratulations to you Dennis, and all of your colleagues at IndexTools! I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • Olafur Kr. Olafsson

    Congratulations to you and everyone around you Dennis… I think all round congratulations are in order too. Please look at my suggestion for the next step: Indexhoo!

  • ian_d_thomas


    Huge congratulations for this success – a testament to your undying enthusiasm, hard work and a GREAT product. There’ll be a beer from me waiting in SFO.


  • Matt Lillig


    Welcome to the Yahoo! team! I’m very excited about the news and looking forward to be working with the IndexTools gang….again!

    Best Regards,
    Matt Lillig – Analytics Team Lead -Yahoo

  • Jonathan

    Congrats Dennis! Great acquisition for Yahoo. I have no doubts you guys will continue to make some noise in the industry.


  • Judah

    Congratulations Dennis! Well done. I’m eager to see what’s next for YahooTools.


  • Wayne

    Congratulations! We’ve been an Indextools partner since 2002. Best of luck.



  • Brian Watkins

    Congratulations Dennis

  • Anonymous

    Hmmmm… obviously you had not enough shares of Indextools if you still need to work for Yahoo.

  • Marshall Sponder

    Congratulations Dennis! I read about the acquisition today on my way to work from a post by Lars and then by Eric Peterson.

    Darn, didn’t get to see Rubix at SES a few weeks ago – will obviously want to talk more about the changes at Emetrics next month and interview you for my blogs (I am, after all, at Emetrics on a Press Pass this time).

    Excited at the prospect of getting a free analytics package down the line with real segmentation instead of what’s free now.

    Talk to you soon, Marshall

  • Patrick C. Price

    Hey Dennis

    Also from Switzerland all the best and congratulations on this huge milestone. Very happy for you. Free Red Bull from you, i’ll up the offer, next time you’re in Zurich! :-)

    Patrick C. Price

  • Steve Jackson

    Let me be the 34th to congratulate you :) and the team at Indextools.

    I was finishing a workshop when the announcement went to press and working with a client today so didn’t have the time to post anything till now. I can tell you I got 12 calls from colleagues, customers, partners and folks in the industry excitedly asking if I’d heard the news about IndexTools and wanting my take.

    My take is that it’s great! Not only that you got the deal and that you’ll be the new Yahoo evangelist but also that hopefully this will change the industry as we know it.


  • Marc

    Congratulations from a very happy IndexTools Customer!

  • Kai

    Go Rock N roll it at Yahoo
    Googl e Kai

  • SESLucas

    Congratulations Dennis!

    From all your friends at SES.

    Chris Lucas

  • Eran Ben Sabat

    Congrats Dennis (and IndexTools).

    I wish you all the best in your new role.


  • Robbin Steif

    I did a whole bunch of user testing on whether you would be purchased by Yahoo, and they all said yes, but there were only five people, so I said, eh, not statistically significant ;-)

    Congratulations. Avinash and Ian don’t begin to compare to you. You are much better looking than they are….

  • Marcus Locher

    Interesting News, looking forward to hear, read and see the development on this. Regards, Marcus

  • Michael

    Congratulations – Dennis

    I am looking forward to see you as part of the Yahoo adventure into analytics.
    You are one of the guys with high integrity.
    See you in SF in your new colours.


    Michael Iversen, Danfoss Group

  • Juan Damia

    Congratulations!!! It’s incredible, since MS Announced Gatineau I’m saying in my blog that Yahoo! should be the third in the free tools market (Since Gatineau Nothing will ever be the same), what I never thought was that Yahoo! was entering through the big door. This will definitely shake the market.

  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hi Eric, Bryan, Bob, Lars, Jeffrey, Tom, John, Lars, Tony, Anil, Patrick, Trinadh, Stephane, Avinash, Jim, Marianna, Petri, Andy, Matt, Bryan, Michael, June, Olafur, Ian, Matt, Jonathan, Judah, Wayne, Brian, Marshall, Patrick, Steve, Marc, Kai, Eran, Robbin, Marcus, Michael….

    THANKS A LOT. I really appreciate all the kind words!

    ..And this goes to the some 370 something emails and 220 something blogs posts.. THANKS!.



  • Jens

    Whoa… back to civilisation after 2 weeks at far-away-land and now THIS!! Congrats and both thumbs up! I am very excited whats happening next! Cheers, Jens

  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hi Jens.

    He he.. If you’ve been away for two weeks, there is certainly some analytics reading to catch up on. :-)
    Cheer Dennis

  • Ruvan

    Hej Dennis

    Så gør du det sgu igen! Stort.

    Godt gået :)

    God vind hos Yahoo.


  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hejsa Ruvan,

    Tusind tak skal du have.. :-)
    - Specielt fra en entrepreneur til en anden.
    Jeg haaber alt er vel paa Mauritius.


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