27 most popular Web Analytics blog posts of 2008

The 3 most popular blog posts from the 9 most influential Web Analytics bloggers – All In all the 27 most popular Web Analytics post of 2008!

Last Christmas, punch drunk on Scandinavian Glogg, I managed to create a 18 most popular Web Analytics blog posts of 2007 post. Based on that and my general Christmas euphoria, I decided to do a repeat of my little Elf endeavor. I asked each of the good people below to send me their 3 most popular posts of 2008… and here goes the list:

Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik:

  1. How To Excite People About Web Analytics: Five Tips.
  2. The “Action Dashboard” (An Alternative To Crappy Dashboards)
  3. Tracking Off-line Conversions: Hope, Seven Best Practices, Bonus Tips

Web Analytics Demystified by Eric Peterson:

  1. How Yahoo! buying IndexTools changes Web Analytics
  2. How to measure visitor engagement, redux
  3. What is your web analytics communication strategy?

VisualRevenue by Dennis R. Mortensen

  1. The difference between a KPI and a Metric
  2. What and how to measure Social Networking websites
  3. Online Video Analytics – KPIs

SemAngel by Gary Angel

  1. Two Cultures
  2. I Comment – Therefore I AM…Satisfied/UnSatisified/Already Engaged
  3. Web Analytics – Behavioral Segmentation

GrokDotCom by Bryan Eisenberg and co.

  1. 33 Free Tools to Make Your Website Better
  2. The Ultimate Google Analytics Plugins, Hacks & Tricks Collection
  3. How to Prioritize Your Optimization

Lies damned lies by Ian Thomas

  1. The Online Advertising Value Chain
  2. How does adserving actually work?
  3. Ad Networks

LunaMetrics by Robbin Steif and Co. (Jonathan, John and Traci)

  1. Advanced Segments vs Profiles & Filters
  2. Copying Goals in GA (A Firefox Extension)
  3. Linking AdWords and Analytics

Web Analytics World by Manoj Jasra

  1. Online Competitive Intelligence Factors
  2. 5 Great (Free) Web Analytics Tools You Might Not Know About Yet
  3. Ultimate Google Analytics Resources

Digital Alex by Alex Cohen:

  1. Campaign Tagging with Google Analytics
  2. A Basic Website and Marketing Analysis Method
  3. 7 Ways to Measure and Improve Your Website

If I forgot you in my little list above, do throw me an email and I will make sure you are on the 2009 list.

Fa la la la la..la la la la!
Dennis :-)

  • http://www.alexlcohen.com Alex

    Hey Dennis,

    Thanks for including me on your list! I officially owe you a drink at the next conference where we overlap :-)


  • http://visualrevenue.com/blog Dennis R. Mortensen

    1 Mojito for Dennis Please.
    Cheers :-)

  • http://mertanen.blogspot.com Petri Mertanen

    Have to push more and get to the list in 2009… : )

  • http://www.ecommerceblog.nl Bertjan

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Good to see that the majority of this posts contain a star sign into my Google Reader account!

  • http://visualrevenue.com/blog Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hey Petri,
    hard work usually works in any industry. ha ha.
    See you in 2009 and have a merry Christmas :-)

  • http://www.coremetrics.com/solutions/web-analytics.php web analytics blogs

    Great compilation of best blogs, I hope you can update this in 2009

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  • http://loyaltycio.wordpress.com James Ray

    Running a web site without analytics is like flying a small plane over high mountains in a horrendous thunderstorm…… never fun and always dangerous!

  • http://blog.reevestech.net/ Tad Reeves

    Great set of posts, really. Good to see a good cross-section, as well, between those that are just rolling with Google Analytics, and others that are digging in with all the rest.

  • http://www.ovionx.com ovionx | Find out how integration and automation can help your business

    Great set of posts, really. Good to see a good cross-section, as well, between those that are just rolling with Google Analytics, and others that are digging in with all the rest.