Search Engine Strategies New York – Come say hi

yahoo-ses-nyThis is a low priority post, so please skip this message, should you not be in New York this week.

I am walking up to the Hilton now, so If you are in town for Search Engines Strategies New York 2009, do come by the Yahoo! booth and say hi! – I’ll be around most of Tuesday and Wednesday.. And I am of course super eager to talk about anything to do with Analytics and online marketing.

I’ll be presenting YWA at the Yahoo! Agency day on Thursday, including some sneak peeks of  the upcoming version. So if you are a SEM agency and have not signed up, go have a chat with your account Manager.

I also noticed that Wiley advertised my new analytics book in the SES programme, so perhaps you can go pre-order it. AND THATS something we would want, right!? eh :-)

Throw me an email, twitter message or reply to this post if I am not around.


  • Kristjan Mar Hauksson

    great meeting you in NY and looking forward reading your book

  • Dennis R. Mortensen


    d. :-)