LAUNCH: Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant Network

ywacn-emblem-logoToday, we are launching the Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant Network (YWACN).

I don’t know about you, but I personally think this is beyond exciting, and I am thrilled to see us take this (almost) final step towards full integration into Yahoo!

What is YWACN?

This is a network of third party companies with expertise in deriving insight from Web Analytics AND deploying Yahoo! Web Analytics in particular. The purpose of this network is amongst other things to help our clients get the best out of the tool – and hopefully also help us spread the gospel of YWA. It might even alleviate the stress on my personal in-box!

You are more than welcome to compare this in idea to the GAAC network – there, I’ve said it! :-)

Who are the Consultants?

A lot of the consultants are legacy IndexTools partners – and thus a bunch of folks who have years and years of experience in the actual technology, from before we turned purple. They are… drum roll please:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

We even added a few additional rock stars to that:,,,,,, and

48 YWACN partners all in all – and you should be able to see a full list of YWACN partners on the YWA site. CALL them today, email them, tweet them .. heck, invite them out for dinner, they deserve it! (if you haven’t noticed, they are your new best friends)

Can I join?

Perhaps ;-) If you really excel in the field of web analytics and truly are one of those consultancies that help derive actionable insights from web analytics for your customers – we would love to hear from you.  In return and as a Member of this exclusive, global professional network of Yahoo! Web Analytics consultants you will receive a number of benefits, this including:

  • Yahoo! Web Analytics FREE account creation rights (This is sexy eh?)
  • Listing on Yahoo!’s Consultant Network web page
  • Potential client referrals from the Yahoo! Sales team
  • Exclusive “Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant Network” icon for display on your website
  • Premium levels of technical support and access to a partner portal
  • Access to an exclusive YWACN forum to share ideas and technical tips with other top analysts worldwide
  • Unique opportunities to work with Yahoo! to provide trainings, books and speaking engagements

Go have a look at the criteria for becoming a member of the Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant Network on the web site.

YWACN Links: (..and partners; send me your blog posts if I didn’t catch’em)

- Netvantage – now a member of the Yahoo Web Analytics Consultant Network
- Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant Network, Nordic eMarketing accepted
- Receptional. Yahoo Web Analytics Consultant Network
- Insightr joins the Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant Network (YWACN)
- Tribal is nu ook Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant
- Onetomarket toegelaten tot Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant Network
- ..

Cheers :-)
/ Dennis R. Mortensen (@dennismortensen)

Appendix: The Official Message as emailed to folks

ywacn-header-logoThanks for your interest in Yahoo! Web Analytics. We’re excited to inform you about the launch of our Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant Network (YWACN)

YWACN is a network of independent third-party analytics specialists who can help provide analytics consulting services. The specialists in the network have been approved by Yahoo! to help our valued customers. The breadth of experience of YWACN members, and their knowledge of Yahoo! Web Analytics, makes them uniquely qualified to provide expert assistance in analytics planning, implementation and usage.

Whether you’re a large organization or a small ecommerce merchant, you can expect to benefit from a more intelligent leveraging of analytics with YWACN. The consultants in the network can help increase your qualified website traffic, achieve more conversions and sales, and see a better overall ROI.

To learn more about YWACN members, click here. Also, you can look for consultants with the YWACN member emblem.

  • Avinash Kaushik

    Congratulations Dennis!!!

    I am so thrilled for the YWA team!

    The WA space is still so nascent. This commitment by Yahoo! will be absolutely helpful in spreading the data gospel.


  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Some days, I actually believe that we (the WA industry) might help, if even just a little, in moving organizations towards something that rhymes with DATA DRIVEN!! :-)

    thank you for the thumbs up Avinash


  • Elena Enríquez

    Felicidades Dennis! Congratulations Dennis!

    I wish you and your YWACN the best. It is great to be “purple” now :)
    My best wishes,

    Elena Enriquez

  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    thanks Elena,

    ..and you should go apply once the link above is activated later tonight! :-) (credit should go to Charlie, Stefan, Edit, Darr, Richard…)

    you are absolutely right, purple isnt that bad afterall


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  • WDave Rhee

    Dennis — my congratulations to you and the whole YWA team for getting an amazing product developed, launched, and now, supported with a world-class team of experts!

    I’m very happy to see the power of YWA being unleashed on the world of Web Analytics, and I know that as analysts who drive better decision-making, we’ll all be better off with the availability of such a great analytics solution to add to our arsenal.

    Looking forward to the inevitable flood of messages in the Web Analytics Forum, too — let’s get this party started! ;-)

    WDave Rhee, WAForum Moderator

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  • Petri Mertanen

    Thank you Dennis for your kind words! : )

    And thank you for accepting Naviatech as a partner. I hope we will get more action with Yahoo! web analytics in Finland. And especially data driven actions with our customers. ; )

    I will write about this little later to my blog. You can follow me on Twitter: @mertanen

    Cheers and thanks again!

  • Jacob Kildebogaard

    Hi Dennis

    Great news ;-)

    I think it is interesting to take a look on how the different countries are represented. Denmark, the small country in Europe, are 6,25% of the entire network. Germany looks like quite a bid as well. Does the network share match the use of Yahoo! Search?

    I look forward to continuously working with Yahoo! Web Analytics :-)

    Cheers to you, Dennis

  • Thomas Løjmann Jørgensen

    Congratulations Dennis.

    This is great news for companies using Yahoo! Web Analytics, now they can find seriously and professionals consultants to work with.

    All the best,


  • Julien Coquet

    Thanks Dennis,

    time to apply ;-)



  • Jon Myers

    Great Stuff Mate

    Looking forward to getting into this one and being more involved in YWA. Maybe one day a consultant!

    Catch up soon


  • Nordic eMarketing

    Great to be on board and looking forward working with all of our new and future happy clients! It’s also super to see that Avinash Kaushik is happy. That makes us at Nordic even happier. Gott stuff.

  • Kristjan Mar

    On a more personal note! Con. grats Dennis, Charlie, Edit and the rest of the Indextools team I think you are in good hands and looking forward being part of the YWA evangelists.

  • Kamal

    Congrats Dennis. I may be asking a question that I could have the answer to when those pages are up…but will individuals be able to join the YWACN or will it be like GAAC where you have to be a “proper company”?

  • Kamal

    Also, does buying the book help? :)

  • Elena Enríquez

    Hi Kamal!
    The book is great. If you want to know the insights of YWA Denni’s book is the best partner!


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  • Juan Damia

    Hi Dennis! Congratulations from Argentina!

    We at Intellignos are really proud of being a member of the YWACN. It’s a great and powerful platform, and we’re excited at the things it enable us to do. But, most important, we’re very grateful for the support that you, Victor Vega and the rest of the YWA team gave us. It’s great working with you guys. Congratulations for all the hard work that this integration meant, and for getting there successfully!

    Looking forward to spreading the word!

  • Kamal

    Hi Elena,
    I’ve already got the book and am definitely happy with it; I was just wondering if it has any effect in being able to join the YWACN :)

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  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hi Elena and Kamal,

    buying the book is good Karma – AND with good karma comes great partnerships ;-)
    (thanks for the nice endorsement Elena)


  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hej Jacob,

    >>Does the network share match the use of Yahoo! Search?


    dennis :-)

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  • Predrag Nikolic

    Congratulations Dennis from my side too !

    What about individuals ? As I understand YWACN is open for the interactive agencies only.

    Take care

  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hey Predrag,

    Agencies only. Sorry about that. Even though you would per highly qualified my friend. AND do send me an update (email) on how things are.. :-)


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  • Internet Marketing Bureau

    Maybe in the future I’ll join ;) Not yet an expert in Yahoo analytics.

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