Leaving Yahoo!

Autumn 2010 marked the end my Yahoo! adventure – an adventure which was absolutely amazing, from the day we got acquired, to re-branding, launching v9.5, writing my book, setting up a Partner Network etc. However, it is indeed time for NEW entrepreneurial adventures (AND you can only spend so much time in the Caribbean).

Final comment and I’ll leave that as my last Yahoo Web Analytics Gospel. 80% of Omniture for free!! ;-)

What’s next? (a Recommendation engine for News Media) – You’ll hear more about this in a separate post, and please, PLEASE, do go connect on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. – AND if you are not up for questions in the comments, ask me anything on formspring or email me directly on my personal email:

To infinity and beyond

  • Jen

    I am so, so excited for you! Onwards and upwards!

  • Abhinav Sood

    All the best for a new entrepreneurial journey, Dennis..

  • Emer Kirrane

    All the best Dennis! We’ll always have Budapest :)

  • Alex

    I attended an Analytics meetup where you spoke on the week of getting acquired by Yahoo. It was very exciting. I still think back to some of the points you made in that lecture about analytics. Funny how time flies. What will be your next venture? Is there more to innovate in the analytics space?

  • Richard Gregory

    Exciting times!

    See you around.


  • Rudi Shumpert


    Congrats! I look forward to learning more about your new adventures.


  • Erik Ford

    That’s excellent. Your insight, along with luminary peers such as Avinash, have really allowed me to understand and translate the effectiveness of data in performance based marketing and communications for clients. I’m glad you are on to a new venture and new level. I wish you the best and would love to learn more-


  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Thanks Jen. I am obviously HYPER on whats next! :-)

  • Jens Witzig

    All the best, Dennis!

  • Matt Lillig

    Best of luck Dennis. Thanks for all of your analytics support over the past few years.

    On a side note, Eric Peterson was wondering about all of your news media related blog posts lately….haha. I guess we’ll all soon discover what it’s all about.

  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hey Rudi, Jens and Richard. Thanks mates. You’ll see me aggressively promoting the next thing before you know of it.. :-)


  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hi Alex,

    >>What will be your next venture?
    Recommendations for News Media, but much more about this as I move forward.

    >>Is there more to innovate in the analytics space?
    In traditional web analytics. Most certainly and I hope that the good guys at Yahoo (YWA) continue to do so.

    d. :-)

  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hi Matt,

    >>Eric Peterson was wondering about all of your news media related blog posts lately….haha. I guess we’ll all soon discover what it’s all about.

    Indeed! :-)


  • Ned Kumar

    All the best on your new adventures – luck and looking forward to hearing more about it.


  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hi Erik,

    >>Your insight, along with luminary peers such as Avinash, have really allowed me to understand and translate the effectiveness of data in performance based marketing

    See! that’s a success metric I can use. Thank you for the kind words.

    d. :-)

  • Siegert

    Hi Dennis,

    Congrats with all your work done at IndexTools and Yahoo!, and all the best of luck with your new challenge.
    Looking forward for more details about the recommendation engine.


  • John Lovett

    Hey Dennis,

    Best of luck in your new adventures and glad that you finally broke the news…see…I can keep a secret! You’ve contributed immensely to the measurement industry and I’d like to highlight a few of the reasons why:

    The enthusiasm you bring to the measurement industry is infectious.
    The audacity that you demonstrate is inspiring.
    Your ideas are never small ones.

    Keep up the good work. We’ll be watching.


  • Jacob Kildebogaard

    Hi Dennis

    Does that mean you will be heading back to Denmark now? Or just for a short hallo, maybe speaking to a WAW? ;-)


  • Michiel van Gaalen

    Hi Dennis,

    Loved working with you, looking forward wordking with you again! I’m all into news media nowadays, can’t wait to see what’s next ;)


  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hey John,

    I appreciate the kind words – and the challenge of having to live up to them! :-)


  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hejsa Jacob,

    I’ll stay put in Manhattan, especially as my next venture is centered around News Media. BUT I should indeed go back home for a Red Bull, WAW and tour around the city :-)


  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hey Michiel. DO ping me in the new year, would love to chat about news media in your area of the world.. :-)


  • Steve Jackson

    Congrats and all the best for your new venture.

    Recommendations engines for news media sounds like an opportunity to me.

    We got a lot of contacts in this part of the world in publishing. Interested to hear more about what you’re doing.


  • Uncle Demotivator

    History being made in front of my eyes. All the best at the new adventures Dennis :)

  • Casey Carey

    Dennis -

    We haven’t met but I’ve followed the great work you guys have done at Yahoo! The #measure community will miss you but it sounds like you have a new challenge in front of you. Congratulations and best of luck.

    Casey Carey

  • Søren Sprogø

    Big congrats on the decission!
    I’m so looking forward to hearing what’s next for you :-)

    Oh, and btw. don’t go to WAW Cph, come to WAW Aarhus instead :-P

  • Claus Pedersen

    Hej Dennis.

    God vind fremover, håber vi ses til en konference et eller andet sted i verden.
    Det var hyggeligt med Tequilas i NYC sidst :-)

    Håber du også lykkes med dit næste projekt :-)

    /Claus P

  • Marc Saarde


    Gongrats! John says it all – It’s been a thrill, and an inspiration, following you and working with you the latter years. I would definitely welcome that in future. Look very much forward to follow your next adventure(s) : ).

    Stay in touch,

    : ) Marc

  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hey Steve,

    Our first real volume customer back in the day of IndexTools was MTV from “your part of the world” .. :-)

    We should certainly try to repeat that success. I’ll give you a ping in the new year.

    d. :-)

  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hi Marc,

    Tak, tak og tak! AND you’ll hear much more about my new ventures. trust me on that one! :-)


  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hej Claus og Soeren.

    Aarhus. Yes!
    Tequilas. Aargh. :)


  • Dennis R. Mortensen


    Thanks a lot. AND all the best luck to You, Mr. Yoder and team. I am rooting for you guys!!


  • Judah

    Congratulations Dennis!!

    When you first told me about this idea I knew you were on to something – and with your track record I am certain you will lead the creation of a product that generates boatloads of profitable revenue and then complete a fourth exit!

    I’m looking forward to seeing where you take this idea and what you create. Go get ‘em.


  • Bob

    Congrats and best of luck!

  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Thanks Bob! If anything, I would really like to bend your ear and get your input, when we meet up next.

  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Hi Judah,

    Thank you for the trust in my entrepreneurial skills! :-)
    Now on to that profit thing..


  • Alex Langshur

    Hey Dennis -

    Wish you all the best in your new venture – I remember well a discussion we had over several drinks about a “news recommendation engine”. Am looking totally forward to seeing what it will look like.

    Ditto John L’s comments, and might add to not forgot your “wicked” (as they say here in Boston) sense of humor.



  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    Thanks Alex. You’ll certainly hear more about it – AND I need to figure out a way for us to work together.. hmm. We’ll add another set of beers and a Boston bar to that strategy talk! :-)


  • Ian Thomas

    Congratulations, Dennis. Was just about to recommend that a former MSFT colleague (who is joining Y!) reach out to you, but now I see you’re leaving! Enjoy being back in the entrepreneurial world – hope to join you back there myself some day.

  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    I am sure I’ll see you here shortly Ian! if not in person, then in spirit :-)
    DO come say hi, when you are next in New York..


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