LAUNCH: Article Engagement Indicator

It’s been a super busy summer for the VR team and over the course of the next month we’ll be pushing a significant number of updates to the Visual Revenue Front Page Platform live. We have a host of exciting new features to showcase, the first of which is: The Article Engagement Indicator

In order for us to provide our recommendations for what to put where on the front page, we use a plethora of signals as inputs for our model (our secret sauce if you like!). One of these is how well each article you promote on a front page drives further ‘down-stream’ engagement or, put another way, how deep that article drives a user into other site content once they’ve finished reading it. We choose to expose some of the metrics we use for our modeling – article engagement will join others such as individual front page position value and its real-time CTR.

As always, our approach has been a simple one for the UI – the modeling we do to come up with the engagement score itself, is somewhat more sophisticated! Simply put, the more ‘orange dots’ you have displayed the better that article is at driving your readers on to consuming more content.

Two examples:

1) Whilst this article might be a great read, it is not driving your readers deeper into your property. This is reasonably typical of new stories that have no related content or back stories:


2) This article is a compelling piece of content, it possibly has a lot of background material or has great surrounding content (an Editor’s Picks, Must Read or Don’t Miss module) helping drive readers deeper into your property:

The engagement is calculated (as with everything else we do!) in real-time, and the score can therefore change during the day.It should be noted that we separately calculate for different content types (text article, galleries and the like) – this will ensure that an article that drives readers deeper doesn’t get eclipsed by a gallery just because it is perceived to have many page views.

This is a ‘tasty morsel’ to wet your appetites and we’ve plenty more to come over the coming month!