The Grio’s Joy-Ann Reid, self-professed data nerd and Visual Revenue Lover!

The Featured Editor Series is a collection of interviews we’ve put together to find out how our publisher base has integrated the Visual Revenue Platform into their newsroom and how it’s helped them be more data driven!

Our Featured Editor Series continues with NBC News’ The Grio! I had the pleasure of sitting down with Joy-Ann Reid, Managing Editor of and chat to her about how she uses the Visual Revenue Platform day to day.

VR: How does Visual Revenue fit into your existing editorial process and was it easy to incorporate it?

JR: I keep the VR screen open on my desktop all day. I must admit I’m a bit obsessed with it. Our deputy editor and I use it to gauge the performance of individual content on the homepage, and we incorporate the data into our decisions about what to place above the fold, what to elevate, and what content just isn’t working. I’m also a fan of the headline test feature, which allows us to give content we care about the maximum chance to succeed, and to get feedback on how to improve the performance of that content if possible.

VR: What action do you take when The Platform recommends a story gets more exposure but you don’t agree?

JR: We don’t always act on the recommendations precisely as given, but if there’s a very strong recommendation to give a piece more exposure, we may move it to a higher spot on the page, if not precisely to the spot where VR says we should.

VR: How does the data allow you to better understand your audience?

JR: I’m a data nerd. What I love about VR is that it takes our subjective feelings about a story out of the equation for a moment, and allows us to see what our audience wants to read at that given moment. And it helps to give us some perspective on how readers use our site – it’s not 9 to 5 the way we read it, it’s 24 hours, in different intervals, and with different interests. That’s great information for any editorial team to have.

VR: When you have to act quickly, what feature do you find the most helpful?

JR: When time is tight – and it’s always tight on a small team – the front page performance window is definitely the most useful. We need to know when something is working, and more importantly, when it’s underperforming.

VR: What is the most important task that Visual Revenue supports you on during your day?

JR: What’s been great about having VR is that it gives me as an editorial manager real time, objective information about our content, which is not married to our subjective judgments. That helps the team decision-making process, and I feel that it has already boosted our click-throughs. I can’t wait to have the VR tool for the individual sections of the site!


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  • melvin

    That gorgeous, sexy, dark skinned cutie, drives me crazy every time I see her on MSNBC.

    • Jruff24

      I know that’s right!

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  • Jwassy

    Joy-Ann, I know your parents are extremely proud of you; my sisters and I are also very proud of you. You always hit the nail right on the head. One point I would like to add when the crazy Republicans try desperately to twist employment numbers, etc., please remind them that they are the ones doing everything possible to suppress the votes even after their initial proposal has been overturned. THAT IS WRONG!!! please remind the voters that it is the REPUBLICANS who are trying to manipulate the votes.
    Keep up the great work!!!

  • Sherry A Williams

    Hi Joy, I think you’re great, I think it’ wonderful that you are part of the MSNBC Team. I feel they’re the BEST political group on the air, I feel you guys are not bias regardless of what others think I feel that when the President or any other Leaders are not doing what they need to do you let them know and I really appreciate it and THANK YOU and keep up the great work and may GOD Bless.

  • Emanuel

    Everytime she appears on Christ Mathews show she potrait a atype of confidence in the issues discussed. i love her for that. N from Trinidad.

  • Ann

    Thank you for your great insight offered on the presidential election. As an African woman with a doctorate in political science, I am so proud of you!!!

  • Dgooding


    I think that you are a remarkable person. I watch you on MSNBC and I am encouraged as a black female that I can achieve anything that I set my heart on. Keep up the good work that you are doing by informing the public on what really matters (truth). Love you.