INFOGRAPHIC: What if Headlines Determined the Outcome of the US Election?

UPDATED (12pm 11/7): Aw Shucks.  Even when we’re not really trying, we find out that we’re pretty good at this predictive data thing – and maybe those clicks do mean something, really quite interesting how close this was :-)

VR 'Prediction based on Headline CTR':

Obama      51.3%
Romney    48.7%

 Vote Tally (as of 12pm 11/7):

Obama      51.2%
Romney    48.9%

Someone call Nate Silver and tell him to watch out!


Admittedly, we’re data geeks.  But what we find super interesting about data is that it’s what drives insight – and with insights, people can make really good, smart, more informed decisions. Ultimately people make those decisions, not machines, algorithms, or data.

Today is one of those days that a lot of decisions are being made. And a really important decision will be made about who sleeps in the White House (and Camp David and Air Force One, etc.) for the next four years. So we dug into our platform, talked to a few clients, and wanted to see some of what the data might tell us about the U.S. Presidential Election.

It’s been a bit of a bizarre week here in New York. We’ve been rained on, winded on, flooded out, with and without power, transportation and more. So we decided to look at the bizarre world where the headlines – and particularly our Instant Headline Testing feature – would determine the outcome of the election.

We took the last few weeks of data and combined them with some snapshots from this morning to see what headlines truly draw more interest from our publisher's online readers. The choices are enlightening!

If who they click is any indication of who they’ll pick, this could deliver a very accurate prediction of the result tomorrow morning.  But this is one prediction I think we'll shy away from making :)