LAUNCH: Publisher Dashboard

To date the screens we’ve focused on are for the front line editorial team. They need to understand exactly how their Homepage, Category pages or story pages are performing in real-time and what immediate actions they can take to impact engagement, CTR and headlines.

Managing and monitoring performance for one media destination is hard enough but what if you are a publisher and responsible for multiple properties? Customers of ours like Amedia, Cox Media and NBC Universal have a host of individuals that manage the day-to-day running of the properties whether it be from the frontline or more from a holistic viewpoint. As I mentioned previously, we have the technical capability to now automatically track readers ‘cross network’ which solves one part of the puzzle for publishers managing multiple properties – now we take this to the next level.

Today I’m pleased to announce the launch of our Real-time Publisher Dashboard.

This dashboard provides a thirty thousand foot view for the publisher with an emphasis on less-is-more. Pål Nedregotten, VP Editorial Product at Amedia says that ‘Great insight often only comes from removing the less relevant data’ – and we couldn’t agree with him more. The Publisher  Dashboard displays a simple set of key metrics that provide a snapshot of the overall ‘health’ of each property. There are a number of views but here is the Front Page Performance dashboard  in action:


This allows centralized team to get a really good idea of which properties are performing well right now and which may need a helping hand. Other views include overall content performance, top performing content and social performance.

It is all too often that central teams at large publishers have access to far too much data and not enough insight, having an aggregate real-time view allows them to focus on their day-to-day without getting caught up in the details.

“Christmas came early this year :-)” – yes it did Pål, yes it did!