Announcing The Social Editorial Suite

Today marks another milestone for Visual Revenue and the data-driven editor. For us, that's easy to say, because we’ve spent many months working on this new product with the team, our customers, and other guiding editors to whom we look for input (ie., "Thank you, Associated Press").

We have most often espoused the importance of the homepage and other section front pages as vital drivers of audience and views for news properties. They remain, for many, the leading traffic channel, as our data has continued to show. Nevertheless, we know how important the social channel is to all publishers, particularly in exposing content to new audiences and taking advantage of the greater dynamics of the media world. It is not something to be ignored.


To date, though, what seemingly has been ignored is measuring the success or failure of the social channel for publishers. Most, if not all tools, have done little more than count clicks and tweets.

And to that, we say, "Introducing the Social Editorial Suite."

This expansion of our editorial support platform recognizes social as one of several vital and complementary channels for the publisher. And these new features give the editor — for the first time — something that does more than simply count clicks and tweets. We want to give them two things:

  • a very clear look at how successful they are in the social channel, and
  • some concise recommendations on what to do next in social.

We’ve built this to complement our existing platform with capabilities for social in the same way that we simplify editorial decision-making and drive success on homepages, section front and article pages. It’s our fervent belief that by capturing and consolidating their data in this way, we’ll make it easier to manage content.

And with that, editors can get on with what they do better than any algorithm ever will: serve up the content that their audience loves and craves to consume.

To our customers, we hope you like it. To everyone else, we’ll be glad to show you. Just drop us a line.