Visual Revenue Merges with Outbrain

Outbrain acquires Visual Revenue

I am beyond pleased to announce a major step forward for Visual Revenue and our mission to support editors and make them the most powerful force in today’s data-driven newsrooms.

Today we announce the merger of our company with Outbrain, Inc.

Why, you might ask?

By merging the two companies, we combine the leader in online editorial decision support and optimization with the largest player in paid content recommendations. This will offer publishers an unmatched end-to-end solution for optimizing content on all of their pages across any channel, screen size and device, with both editorially-controlled and automated solutions.

We very much look forward to joining the Outbrain family, as together, we believe we can provide superior solutions that help media companies to best engage, delight and satisfy their audiences with great content. We believe this also will be one of their best long-term strategies to generate revenue. 

I am extremely proud of what we've been able to do on our own since Charlie, Alex and I launched the company July 5th 2010. Go no further than our Product or Customer page to get a sense of just how much we have achieved in less than 3 years. However, it would not have been possible without our awesome team and their families. Thanks Philipp, Varun, Gary, Vibeke, Jeff, Cody, Anita, Rich, Alana, Evan, Daniel, Ji, Josh, Rob, Paul, Matt, Bashar, Thomas, Joshua, Jeroen, Ganesh and Anthony – I LOVE YOU!

It would not be fair to post this without thanking our customers and especially Steve Lynas, Scott Cohen and everybody at the New York Daily News, who basically incubated us inside their newsroom. This also includes Jim Kennedy and our good friends at the Associated Press, in whose newsroom we sit today. Further to this, Betsy Morgan certainly helped us over the finish line – and I could continue. Thanks again to everybody who has played a role in our success. 

That said, we will be vigilant, like a dog with a bone, in assuring that our decision support platform for editors evolves from what it is today, to something truly great over the next few years. Our new scale simply allows us to do things we would otherwise have had to postpone. Stay tuned! – OR join us, as we expand the team!

Here's a set of stories from today's press you might find interesting, starting with a blog post from Yaron Galai, OutBrain's CEO, plus what the Wall Street Journal had to say.

As always, please do let me know your feedback. Should you have any questions about this announcement feel free to contact our account team — and you are always more than welcome email me directly.

Cheers :-)

Dennis R. Mortensen 
CEO and Founder, Visual Revenue, Inc.