Words by Charlie Holbech

Charlie is a co-founder of Visual Revenue and VP of Operations. He's primarily responsible for marketing and account management and obsessed with the data driven newsroom!

LAUNCH: Publisher Dashboard

It is all too often that central teams at large publishers have access to far too much data and not enough insight, having an aggregate view allows them to focus on their day-to-day without getting caught up in the details.

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We’re Attending NYU Start up Job Expo – you?

We’ll be attending the NYU Stern Start Up Job Expo tomorrow afternoon from 3pm – 6pm. If you’re looking for Tech or Sales and Marketing positions do swing by and say Hi. Jeroen (our resident Data Scientist) and Varun (one of our Backend engineers) on hand to discuss the current engineering positions we have, exciting challenges we face and general awesomeness of our tech team.

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INFOGRAPHIC: What if Headlines Determined the Outcome of the US Election?

What we find super interesting about data is that it’s what drives insight – and with insights, people can make really good, smart, more informed decisions.

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LAUNCH: Cross Network Publisher Tracking

I’m extremely pleased to announce the launch of our Cross network Publisher Tracking. Editors – those articles you promote within network now have real-time data! You have ammunition for that call you get from ‘John’ halfway through the morning asking to have his article pushed further up the page. It’s actually performing where it should do for the position you’ve got it in so no sense in pushing it higher and knocking out a better performing article. Or indeed the positive scenario where you can see that the story has really resonated with your audience and could in fact get more exposure!

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Red Bull Stratos – A Global Story

You’ve got to hand it to Red Bull, they’ve always know how to market an extreme event. However I think it’s fair to say that to date, they have never reach the global audience that they did with the Red Bull Stratos jump yesterday – not even with F1. Felix Baumgartner jumped from 24 miles above the earth and in doing so shattered the existing record for the highest skydive and broke the sound barrier.

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Weather.com partners with Visual Revenue

Visual Revenue, Inc., the leading provider of online publisher tools for real-time homepage editing, continues to expand its portfolio of online publishers with the announcement today that weather.com, will join its rapidly expanding customer base.

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ONA12 Round up – Best Online News Media Conference 2012 (so far!)

So we just got back from ONA12 and what a conference! We attend at least a dozen conferences a year at the moment to identify which are the best to both speak and exhibit at. ONA12 was by far the best this year. The focus is obviously online news and the delegates (journalists, editors, digital folks and the like) come from all corners of the media and news industry.

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