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The Newsroom of Tomorrow:
What Happens When Editors Have Data

When we arm knowledgeable human editors with more data, they don’t race to the lowest common denominator, but rather toward richer, better experiences. Good editors now embrace and devour the data…

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Data as a complement to human editorial judgment

Data as a complement to human editorial judgment is what will enable editorial teams to compete in the audience business. Advertisers have long since and wholeheartedly bought into data, and they are using it so aggressively through exchanges and programmatic buying that they are squeezing every last ounce from publishers.

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Outbrain acquires Visual Revenue

We are very excited to announce a major step forward for Visual Revenue and our mission to support editors and make them the most powerful force in today’s data-driven newsrooms. Today, we announce the merger of our company with Outbrain, Inc.

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Audience & Algorithms:
To win, media properties must have a soul.

There’s been much debate lately about many of the changing ways of the online publishing business. I like heated debate because it keeps us on our toes, and I like change because I believe change is the heart of our human existence. So let there be more of it. It keeps things interesting.

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Announcing The Social Editorial Suite

We have most often espoused the importance of the homepage and other section front pages as vital drivers of audience and views for news properties. They remain, for many, the leading traffic channel, as our data has continued to show. Nevertheless, we know how important the social channel is to all publishers, particularly in exposing content to new audiences and taking advantage of the greater dynamics of the media world. It is not something to be ignored.

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The Homepage continues to be the biggest traffic source for News Media

We had a Front Page study published on the Nieman Journalism blog a good year ago, which quite clearly depicted the Front Page as the biggest driver of Article Views. Last night we thought it was time to review those figures again.

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LAUNCH: Publisher Dashboard

It is all too often that central teams at large publishers have access to far too much data and not enough insight, having an aggregate view allows them to focus on their day-to-day without getting caught up in the details.

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