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Introducing Instant Image Testing. Picking the Winners Just Got Easier

Last summer, we launched Instant Headline Testing, a data-driven creativity tool for editors that received huge kudos and positive feedback from the editorial teams that are our customers. Today, we formally announce the birth of that feature's twin sister: Instant Image Testing.

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LAUNCH: Publisher Dashboard

It is all too often that central teams at large publishers have access to far too much data and not enough insight, having an aggregate view allows them to focus on their day-to-day without getting caught up in the details.

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Minimizing Reader Churn for Non-Subscription News Properties

If you are a returning reader and if you are successfully monetized in a recurring fashion – you are a subscriber! And if you are a subscriber you can be lost. Churn!

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Editors should Write 25 Headlines for every Article

‘What are the things you can do to produce 6-10X the number of people who come look at something? A good headline can be the difference between 1,000 people and 1,000,000 people reading something.” says Pariser.

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The Weather Channel serves a record ~450 million pageviews in a single day

Hurricane Sandy was extraordinarily deceptive for us folks here in NYC and many of us rode the storm out hunkered down in our apartments waiting for it to pass. Whilst we did so, many of us were also logged onto, a prominent Visual Revenue customer and active user of our homepage programming platform. We obviously can’t share any data, but Melissa Medori, the Weather Channel’s public relations manager shared a few data points.

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LAUNCH: Cross Network Publisher Tracking

I’m extremely pleased to announce the launch of our Cross network Publisher Tracking. Editors – those articles you promote within network now have real-time data! You have ammunition for that call you get from ‘John’ halfway through the morning asking to have his article pushed further up the page. It’s actually performing where it should do for the position you’ve got it in so no sense in pushing it higher and knocking out a better performing article. Or indeed the positive scenario where you can see that the story has really resonated with your audience and could in fact get more exposure!

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USA TODAY Sports Boosted their Olympics Coverage by 57% with Headline Testing

The USA TODAY Sports team used Visual Revenue’s headline testing capabilities extensively throughout the course of the Olympics. They’ve kindly allowed us to showcase a handful of tests they ran, identifying the winners in each test and the resulting increase in CTR. During the Olympics the team ran approximately 150 individual headline tests and the average resulting lift in CTR on those that won was a phenomenal 57%.

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