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Introducing Instant Image Testing. Picking the Winners Just Got Easier

Last summer, we launched Instant Headline Testing, a data-driven creativity tool for editors that received huge kudos and positive feedback from the editorial teams that are our customers. Today, we formally announce the birth of that feature's twin sister: Instant Image Testing.

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TECH: Bayesian Instant Headline Testing

The Visual Revenue platform provides a number of great tools that support editors to optimize their front page. Instant Headline Testing is one of those tools. The quality of a story headline greatly influences its click-through-rate (CTR). Front page editors therefore spend a lot of thought coming up with the right wording to engage their readers. But on digital media, headlines do not have to be set in stone. Instant Headline Testing gives the editor the opportunity to improve the quality of a headline after it has made the front page.

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Editors should Write 25 Headlines for every Article

‘What are the things you can do to produce 6-10X the number of people who come look at something? A good headline can be the difference between 1,000 people and 1,000,000 people reading something.” says Pariser.

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INFOGRAPHIC: What if Headlines Determined the Outcome of the US Election?

What we find super interesting about data is that it’s what drives insight – and with insights, people can make really good, smart, more informed decisions.

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ONA12 Round up – Best Online News Media Conference 2012 (so far!)

So we just got back from ONA12 and what a conference! We attend at least a dozen conferences a year at the moment to identify which are the best to both speak and exhibit at. ONA12 was by far the best this year. The focus is obviously online news and the delegates (journalists, editors, digital folks and the like) come from all corners of the media and news industry.

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USA TODAY Sports Boosted their Olympics Coverage by 57% with Headline Testing

The USA TODAY Sports team used Visual Revenue’s headline testing capabilities extensively throughout the course of the Olympics. They’ve kindly allowed us to showcase a handful of tests they ran, identifying the winners in each test and the resulting increase in CTR. During the Olympics the team ran approximately 150 individual headline tests and the average resulting lift in CTR on those that won was a phenomenal 57%.

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Visual Revenue launching Headline Testing at INMA Los Angeles

Visual Revenue will be at INMA World Congress out in Los Angeles this week (6th – 8th May) and both will be on hand to discuss the launch of our latest feature, Headline Testing.

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