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Founded in 2010, Visual Revenue builds a real-time predictive analytics platform that makes human editors the most powerful force in today’s data-driven newsrooms. This helps media organizations to distinguish their brands. Backed by blue chip investors, our company had its headquarters located first in the newsroom of the New York Daily News and subsequently the Associated Press, in New York City. On March 7, 2013, the company was acquired by Outbrain, which is now our home.

  is the leading content discovery platform on the web. Together with Visual Revenue, the company offers publishers an unparalleled end-to-end solution for optimizing all of their content pages across any channel, screen size and device, with both automated and editorially controlled solutions.

The Team

We were founded with a vision that is native to the data-driven newsroom. Not that data can replace human judgment, but that it can enhance it. Our belief is in the power of editors to shape news into perspective and to build relationships with their audience. Data helps. We come from the fields of web analytics, machine learning, big data and online media and from countries around the world. This eclectic mix and our common purpose enable us to deliver a highly-effective product that meets the needs of today’s online media destinations and will help shape the newsrooms of tomorrow.

  • Dennis R. Mortensen

    General Manager & Founder, Visual Revenue

    Dennis is the CEO and Founder of Visual Revenue. He’s a pioneer and expert in the analytics, optimization and online media space and has been since its inception – he is also a fully-fledged entrepreneur and successfully delivered a number of company exits. Dennis is obsessed with the marriage between News Media and Analytics and this passion triggered the formation of Visual Revenue. He’s an accredited Associate Web Analytics Instructor at the University of British Colombia, the Author of Data Driven Insights with YWA from Wiley and a frequent speaker on the subject of analytics and media. Click here for Books, Papers and an expanded speaker BIO for Dennis Mortensen

  • Charlie Holbech

    VP Operations & Co-Founder

    Charlie is responsible for operations at Visual Revenue. He's been in the online industry since 1997 focusing on strategic partnerships, sales, account management and marketing. He's also a web analyst and has extensive experience in coordinating deployments of analytics technologies in the online media and e-commerce world. Charlie's been in profitable startup environments since 1998, all of which have ultimately exited successfully – the most recent being the acquisition of IndexTools by Yahoo! Inc. Charlie holds a bachelor degree from Cambridge Polytechnic in Business and Computer Engineering.

  • Alex Poon

    VP Engineering & Co-Founder

    Alex is responsible for engineering at Visual Revenue. He has over ten years of experience in data analytics, software development and product management. Alex has advised numerous Fortune 500 companies in the media and technology space as a management consultant. As an engineer at Lockheed Martin, he built software for unmanned aerial vehicle and radio/wireless signal analysis. Alex received his MBA from Columbia Business School. He also holds a MS and BS degree in Electric Engineering. Zerg is his preferred race at Starcraft II.

  • Gary Ragusa

    VP Business Development

    Gary is responsible for sales and strategic partnerships at Visual Revenue. He has over twelve years of experience in digital media, business development and early stage ventures. Gary caught the entrepreneurial bug in the late 90's, co-founding a digital marketplace for film and television production, which was sold to iFILM in March 2000. He then led business development efforts in two additional early stage companies in multimedia software and mobile, where he structured deals with Liberate, Sun, Lucky Magazine, and Vogue. He also advised print publishers on digital migration strategies at PwC. Gary received his MBA from Columbia Business School.

  • Rich Ullman

    VP Marketing

    Rich has two decades of experience in new and emerging media. He was the founding CMO for Ripple6 (a social platform acquired by Gannett in 2008) and the first Director of Marketing at, from its founding in 1997 as The Mining Company, to it becoming the fifth most-visited Web property. He helped create and place some of first web advertising in 1994, while at MVBMS Euro RSCG, and he began his career as a media planner for Mercedes-Benz and Tiffany & Co. He is a graduate of The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business.

  • Jeroen Janssens
    Data Scientist
  • Ganesh A Sundar
    Data Scientist
  • Philipp Tsipman
    Account Director
  • Alana Weaver
    Sales Director
  • Josh Forman
    Senior Backend Engineer
  • Jianying Ji
    Dev Ops Engineer
  • Varun Vijayaraghavan
    Full Stack Engineer
  • Rob Doherty
    Full Stack Engineer
  • Cody Nicholson
    Full Stack Engineer
  • Matt Casey
    Full Stack Engineer
  • Bashar Harfoush
    Backend Engineer
  • TJ Lavelle
    Frontend Engineer
  • Paul Farino
    UI/UX Lead
  • Jeff Slawsky
    Senior Account Manager
  • Evan Nabavian
    Business Associate
  • Anita Campbell
    Account Manager
  • Daniel Hoffman
    Sales Assistant
  • Vibeke Glavind
    Office Manager


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