Your Real-time Editorial Tool Set

We Enhance The Hand of Online Editors

The Visual Revenue Platform is the only real-time analytics solution that is designed specifically to enhance the hand of editors in data driven newsrooms. We believe editorial judgment and decision-making can be enhanced (not replaced) by a suite of tools that provide real-time decision support for editors and producers of content. This is Visual Revenue. We specially tailor each feature to reduce the complexity of managing content and increase audience engagement across a publisher’s web properties -- all whilst ensuring we maintain their distinctive editorial voice and drive toward their objectives.

Creating Calm Amidst a Storm

Even in today’s data-driven environment, human editors still play a central role in shaping content. They live within what can be an endless torrent of information, opinions and activity and are called upon to quickly whittle it down, decide what goes where and determine how stories are told. From content recommendations to performance reports and social media optimization, we deliver a real-time, first-hand understanding of audience interaction and provide the tools needed to act upon it.

Real-Time Recommendations

Good editors have the talent and a knack for making sharp decisions. What they lack is time and resources to properly assess situations and put their skills to work optimizing reader experience. Armed with highly informed data-driven tools, good editors can be even smarter and faster.

We condense countless points of audience activity and, based on editorial instructions provided by the publisher, we offer editorial teams a concise set of specific suggestions – plus a direct means to take action. Follow a suggestion or meet it halfway; here is where an editor’s judgment kicks in.

  • Recommend Top Stories 2
    Presidential address receives quick and varied response
  • Recommend Top News 1
    Years of low interest rates yield dividends for borrowers
  • Recommend Mobile River 3
    Messi feared his knee injury was career threatening blow
  • Push Story to Twitter
    Have you bought your teenager a smart phone yet?
  • Push Story to Facebook
    GOP debates this week in D.C.
Years of low interest rates yield dividends for borrowers
Presidential address receives quick and varied response
Five tech stocks to consider right now
GOP debates this week in D.C.
Messir feared his knee injury was career threatening
Presidential address receives quick and varied response
Have you bought your teenager a smart phone yet?
Messir feared his knee injury was career threatening

Instant Headline & Image Testing

This exclusive feature provides on-the-fly editorial control to further increase audience engagement. It’s a smart, easy-to-use solution that requires editors to do nothing more than enter their alternative headline or image of choice and hit the test button. We take care of the rest. Once the platform has enough data, it will swap full-time to the more effective of the two. Oh… and this requires zero CMS integration.

Election Day. It’s Decision Time
Election Day. It’s Decision Time
Headline A
Joan D. Editor
Headline B
At 9:34PM Headline B outperforms Headline A for a 55% Lift

A Clear View of Social Success

Managing social media is now a requisite part in editorial oversight. Recognizing that your audience lives and travels to and from your site through these channels, we apply our same rigorous support with social reporting, performance, recommendations, and automation. Directly from our platform, you'll see how successful you are in the social channel -- and concise recommendations on what to do next.

Maximize Audience Engagement

All content is not created equal, so we allow editors and publishers to assign specific values to different types and categories of content. Duly armed with real-time insight into what content can best drive editorial and financial objectives, every editor can make the most of traffic surges, exposing the right content and re-circulating visitors via optimized modules, weighted recommendations, and a keener eye for audience expectations.

Measure and Compare Performance

Another unique capability: Compare your content’s performance at every moment of every day against the most specific, relevant and fundamental indicators available: the historic performance of each individual content position across your property. We believe performance should only be measured against a benchmark and as such provide editors with the ability to understand exactly how an item of content ought to perform in the position it is in.

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Automation to Maintain Your Voice

Not every editorial team has the time or resources to oversee each and every element of the process. Enter Automation. Editors can pre-set their instructions and our platform goes to work for them during regular or off-hours, ensuring that modules are maintained and the “current audience” is served the right content at the right time. Again, no CMS integration required.

Cross-Network Publisher Tracking

Most larger publishers have a network of properties and websites, and they cross-promote articles between properties. For them, we offer the exclusive feature that we call Cross-Network Publisher Tracking. This enables an editor to see exactly how the articles from a sister site are performing on his homepage. Likewise, the sister editor can see how his articles perform on her homepage. Got it? Let the sibling rivalry begin...

Plain Vanilla Tracking Code

We require no CMS integration and have focused on simplicity. We only require that a publisher deploys a unique, plain vanilla tracking script throughout their web property, adds a handful of standard web attributes to their homepage and they're good to go. It really is as easy as that! Use Tealium, Tagman or Ensighten? We've partnered with them too. Of course, should you wish to integrate further our full service API is at your disposal!

Multi-Platform Measurement Capabilities

How are articles performing on mobile? Does this differ from the desktop/laptop experience? Is your tablet site driving a distinctly higher proportion of traffic to one specific article? Can Visual Revenue answer all of these questions? Yes. Can any other real-time analytics platform? No.